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Un-Pho-getable Chicken Pho aka Phở Gà

My all time favourite Vietnamese dish is Pho! I can eat pho for breakie, lunch and dinner because it's so good Pho you! 
What's not to love, the beautiful broth that has been simmering away for hours & hours, resulting in a delicate broth yet full of flavour served with juicy chicken and fresh rice noodles just warms up the belly! It always hits the spot! 
I find myself always craving Pho! But the reality is as a busy working mum I simply don't have the time to make this dish as frequently as I would like. Sure, I can head down to my local Vietnamese restaurant to get my fix, but I also like being able to make this dish to enjoy at home as well. So I made it my mission to figure out the best way to make chicken pho in the least amount of time as possible without losing the integrity of the dish.

I was able to achieve this using what I believe is one of the best kitchen inventions ever - a stove top pressure cooker! Pho real! The result…

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